"Ensign has top quality software. No other software can match Ensign in price or in possibilities!"* -B. Wouter

"Some vendors just don't get it. Ensign Software gets it big time! Support is great, too. I am totally pleased with Ensign Software."* -R. Jackson

"After almost 50 years in this crazy business Ensign has been the greatest program in that 50 years!"* -D. Harrison

"I have promoted Ensign charting and I know of over 20 traders that have converted to you from other companies!"* -J. Boese

"I have been using Ensign since 1997. I continually discover new features in the program that improve my trading. I have had many offers from other charting/trading vendors to try their products (either for free or a small trial fee) but have stayed with Ensign. Ensign is user friendly and well designed. Why try other charting programs when you already have the best? I encourage you to get the best (also at the best price) and discover what Ensign has to offer. You won't be disappointed."* -J. Olson

"Seriously, Ensign Support is the best I have ever seen! A week does not go by without me praising how great Ensign is and how excellent the support staff is."* -Rayban 123

"I have been using Ensign software for a long time and consider them to be the best hands down. The owner, Howard, is dedicated to making them the standard for others to follow. Give Ensign Software a look--you won't be dissapointed."* -D. Harrison

"Ensign's charting software is so addictive that I would not consider switching to another charting software."*

"I'm a new Ensign customer and I just wanted to say that your software rocks. I've used eSignal, Ninja, X-Trader and Multi Charts and Ensign is vastly superior in every way. I even tried Motive Wave recently. No contest. Ensign all the way. You have a new lifetime customer. Keep up the great work!"* -Wolf

"I use Ensign for Forex for several reasons:  Ensign has free data feed and there is a Play Back feature which I use almost daily. Comparable feed from a data feed supplier would probably cost $100 per month, and there is no way I would want to do without the Play Back !!"* -D. Mackay

"After seven years, I still find Ensign to be in a class by itself for in depth analytic research. Nothing compares to the analytic freedom and creativity that ESPL brings to the table. It seems others simply don't expect their customers to generate questions and hypotheses that fall outside the narrow, and somewhat arbitrary boundaries of technical analysis orthodoxy. Thank you for producing Ensign."* -B. Manning

"I absolutely love Ensign Software. It is very light on resources and amazing with accuracy and speed. The tick Play Back feature has improved my trading tremendously. I can't thank you enough for this valuable feature. Keep up the awesome job of updating and improving the best charting software I have ever seen."* -F. Sharif

"The features in Ensign Software are truly fantastic!"* -Ong

"I’m truly amazed at how quickly Ensign Support responds when a problem comes up. I guess that’s why I recommend Ensign to so many traders!"* -M. Holstius

"The Ensign team provides exemplary service levels seldom provided by other software vendors. Their responsiveness is amazing, greatly appreciated, and a major strength of the product."* -D. Smith

"'I've been a subscriber for over a year now and I have to say Ensign is something else. I really appreciate how easy it is to manipulate charts and customize them to suit my trading ideas."* -L. Chen

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